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My Body Talks to Me and I Love it

Today my post is very different. No marketing, no more social media. It is just about a woman’s real life.

I attend a Yoga class three days a week, I wish I could attend daily but unfortunately I can’t, due to the office schedules. I also practice meditation every single day, it is my daily break, a time I dedicate to be with myself only.

Lately, I found out that my low back and hip were a little stiff in comparison to the way they regularly are. I am pretty flexible woman, but I was finding difficulty with some asanas. My teacher asked me if there was pigeonposesomething bothering me, because there wasn’t any real physical reason. She told me to ask my body what was hurting it during the meditation. I did, and then I found myself crying for something that happened to me when I was a little girl. There was a boy at the kindergarten that used to threaten me with things like telling everyone that he saw me naked. He also used to make fun of me because I am short until one day when I took courage from somewhere and I submerged his head in a bucket with dirty water.

But, why now? It was very long ago! Evidently something triggered it; I kept on meditating and asking for an answer, and I got it. Lately, I had a trouble with a client’s corrupted employee in Mexico that was threatening me. He wouldn’t approve my payment unless my firm delivered a made up report that would benefit him, but would harm a marketing girl and of course my firm.

After several weeks, the corporate office in the US finally decided to fire him and my work and payment flowed the way they should since the very beginning. This week my payment was approved and they gave the wire transfer date.

This morning, I was still a little stiff; my Yoga teacher helped me pushing to make my hip go down in the Pigeon Pose. I felt something happening in my hip, and then it was not stuck anymore. I cried and cried, and took out all the frustration I lived with this man’s behavior during the last weeks. He is one of those crabs in a bucket. After crying I felt relief and peace, and I could continue with the asanas normally and happily. I feel so good.

Do you see the way our body talks to us? Isn’t it awesome? The Yoga and meditation practices are a priority to me.

Smile girl! Have a happy weekend! Till the next post in NaBloPoMo, tomorrow. :)





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Monica Paul is a marketer and web developer with 20 years experience in local, regional, and global marketing strategies. In 2001, after eight years working as an employee for several IT companies such as Micrografx and Visio; Monica founded Marcomtec, a division of Magic Masterminds LLC, a marketing firm providing strategy and content services, as well as marketing campaigns in English and Spanish. In 2013 Monica launched Magic MasterMinds (www.magicmasterminds.com), a publishing platform to help writers all over the world to publish and market their books.